13609 N. 18th Dr.

Phoenix, AZ 85029

Providing phoenix az with  the best in taxicabs and airport transportation since 2001

(602) 222-2227     [CAB498@EARTHLINK.NET]

Q:  How much do you charge?
A: We charge $3.50 for flag drop and $2.00 per mile.  Traffic delay is $35 per hour.  That means when you get in the taxi and I start the meter, it starts out at $3.50.  Each mile you travel costs $2.00.  Traffic delay kicks in when the cab is moving at less than 15 mph or when stopped.  So, if you asked me to stop at the store, while you run in and get a jug of milk for your cat, the meter would run at $35 per hour.  Typically, a ten mile taxi ride costs $23.50 to $25.00 depending on how heavy traffic is and how many red lights we get stuck at.

Q: How quick can you get here?
A: There is no guarantee that I can be anywhere particular in any particular length of time.  However, when you call us, we can accurately predict how long it will take to get you picked up because we have experience with traffic patterns, distances, etc.  Our time estimates are very close.  We don't tell you 5 to 45 minutes and then make you wait an hour and a half.  When we say 20 minutes, that's what we mean.

Q:  What areas of the Valley of the Sun do you service?
A:  We provide taxi cab service in Phoenix, Peoria, Glendale, Anthem, Cave Creek, Carefree, and North Scottsdale Arizona. We provide airport transportation to Sky Harbor Airport as well as to the smaller regional airports Deer Valley Airport, Glendale Airport, and Scottsdale Municipal Airport

Q:  What form of payment do you take?
A: Cash, and all major credit cards.  We can also redeem most major currencies including Euros, Canadian dollars, Pounds, Mexican Pesos, Yen, and Thai Bhat.  Ask Paul about exchange policies.  We no longer take livestock in trade.

Q: Do you take checks?
A: We don't care what you are.  We give rides to Poles, Latvians, Russians, Brazilians, even Australians.  Being from Czechoslovakia is no problem for us. However, we do not accept bank drafts.

Q: Can I set up an appointment or time call for you to come get me?
A: Sure.  In fact, that is the best way to do it.  Simply tell us when you want the taxi, and we'll be there.

Q: Do you have car seats for the kid?
A: We have toddler seats and infant seats for the younger set.  They fit kids between newborn and 5 yrs.

Q: Are you 24 hours?
A: Our service is 24 hrs.

Q: What about smoking in the cabs?
A: We prefer you don't smoke in the taxi.  Too many people are bothered by smoke smells in the car.

Q: How many people can you transport? 
A: We can put three in back and one in front. Our SUVs seat 7.

Q: How do you keep your cars running so long?
A: We start with high quality vehicles.  All of our taxis are Ford products, as we feel they make the best taxis.  We also regularly maintain them.  Repairs we can't do ourselves are handled by Fairway Auto.

Q: How about pets?
A: Dogs cats, ferrets and other small animals are no problem.  You may want to put cats in a carrier because they tend to freak out in moving vehicles.  

Q: What about a wheelchair?
A: If it folds up to fit in a trunk we should be fine with that as long as the person in the wheelchair is capable of moving into the taxi on his own.  If the person requires extraordinary assistance or the wheelchair is a powered model or doesn't fold, we have friends that can handle that and we can refer you.

Q: Do you know where I can find__________?
A: You know, sometimes we end up being a sort of concierge on wheels.  And we're good at it. We can find just about anything you need.  We know this valley very well. 

If you have any more questions, just call 602-222-2227